Conference Leadership

  • Chris Warden, Chairman, Treasurer, Co-Founder
  • Patrick Dunham, Member, Co-Founder
  • Jason Rooks, Member, Co-Founder
  • Jay Roussin, Member, Website Admin, Co-Founder
  • Debbie Smith, Member, Co-Founder
  • Eric Martin, Member
  • Amy Fowler, Member

Past Leadership
Josh Bauman, Retired Co-Founder

Disclaimer: The views and work done by the leadership team are solely their own and do not reflect the opinions or positions of the conference sponsors or any respective employers or organizations associated with the members of the leadership team. The conference itself does not endorse or validate the ideas, views, or statements expressed by the leadership team. The leadership team’s individual views and opinions are not representative of the conference. Attendees should consider any presentations, discussions, and involvement by the leadership team as personal perspectives and interpretations. Furthermore, any references or mention of products, services, organizations, or individuals during the conference should not be considered as endorsements related to any employer or organization associated with members of the leadership team.